Friday, May 6, 2016


Waste Disposal – Slurry and Silica – Skip Edwards


In polished concrete, the very method of achieving a superior final product is where the big problems lie:

–       Wet polishing produces the best overall product while saving equipment, better shine and less wear and tear on the tooling used to finish the floors. The problem is it produces slurry wastewater, which is very difficult to manage and dispose of properly —legally and environmentally correct.

–       Dry polishing saves time and reduces the slurry mess by leaving a powder waste or silica dust, which is easy to clean. The problem is this dry powder is very dangerous and hazardous to human if exposed of for long periods of time. These two different methods present the hurdle the industry needs to solve in order to stay compliant with current and future regulations while maintaining a profit. This is where the work begins.

Skip will be discussing these challenges and providing solutions to slurry management, elimination of silica dust and reclaiming water for recycling on the jobsite, which increases production time and reduces time wasted bring water to the jobsite and lowering cost of water.